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The Experience of Hypnosis

Hypnosis feels like the transition between wakefulness and sleep, and has qualities of both these states. One is fully conscious of everything that is going on and, contrary to what you may have heard, is in complete control. Hypnosis is a highly receptive state of mind that makes the process of change much easier.

At  no time will you be asleep or unaware of what is going on. You will, however, be likely to feel more relaxed than ever before. A feeling of peace, serenity and wellbeing generally accompany this relaxation.

While everybody can be hypnotised, those that respond better are people with strong and active minds capable of imagination and mental dexterity. Those that refuse to be hypnotised, generally are exhibiting either a lack of understanding of the subject entirely or else displaying mental inflexibility.

After the session, most people feel relaxed and mellow but in complete control of all of their faculties and able to perform any task or duty such as driving or working. Most people experience a very pleasant energy increase after the session.

Why Hypnotherapy is so effective?

The problem with any feeling or behaviour that has become an "automatic" response, is that it is very difficult to change it. You can try hard (willpower), but it is as though there is a power inside you forcing you to do the opposite. Unless we change those automatic responses, we will stay stuck in the unwanted feeling or behaviour.

When we learn something that has become automatic, we tend to develop a "closed mind" about the feeling or behaviour, we find it very difficult to "open up to change". The mind tends to protect automatic behaviour and emotions from change This is where hypnosis or trance becomes important. Trance is a state of mind where we become "open to change". Communicating with  ith the mind in trance is the fastest and most powerful way possible to create desirable behaviour, and transform limiting emotional responses.

The big drawback of conventional help methods for weight loss, smoking cessation and therapies in general is that they are limited in how they can transform old established patterns of emotional responses and behaviours. No matter how dysfunctional the emotional response or habit is, there is a positive intent behind it - it serves some important emotional need in the person. Unless this need is changed or met in some other constructive way, the person will revert back to the dysfunctional emotional response or behaviour. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is due to its ability to access and transform the subconscious needs. You are then free to create new emotional responses and behaviours without having conflict in your mind.

IMPORTANT. Trance is the state that enables a competent hypnotherapist to execute profound and lasting change. Many people think that all hypnotherapists are the same and will choose one based on convenience or fees. This is not a good idea. Like any other profession or trade, the outcome will be as good as the practitioner.

Hypnosis is a highly receptive state of mind

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