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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunctions cover a wide variety of problems, including erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature or delayed ejaculation in men, spasms of the vagina, pain with sexual intercourse, and problems with sexual desire (libido) and response. Men over age 65 are at higher risk for ED, although ED is not a normal part of aging. Decreased sexual desire is the most common complaint among women, affecting up to 43% of women. The problem may be psychological, physical, or a combination of both.

Signs and Symptoms:

Premature or delayed ejaculation in men
Erectile dysfunction (not being able to achieve or maintain an erection)
Pain during sex
Lack or loss of sexual desire
Lower urinary tract symptoms
Difficulty having an orgasm
Vaginal dryness

Sexual dysfunction can be temporary or long-lasting. Causes of sexual disorders
vary and may include:

Age 65 and over in men
Hormonal imbalances
Drug abuse
Depression, anxiety, psychological issues or stressful sexual experience
in the past
Stressful life events
Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Sexual Disorders

Keep in mind that that sexuality exists on a continuum.
A concern only rises to the level of a "sexual disorder" if it is causing
the person a great deal of distress in their life, and they would like to
rectify the behaviour or problem. Some of the disorders are otherwise considered healthy parts of normal human sexuality. For instance, if a person has a fetish
and he or she is fine with it (and it's not causing other trouble in the person's life),
then it's not considered a disorder.

Hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction

Hypnotherapy for sexual dysfunction has been proven over and over.

Hypnotherapy can uncover the underlying problem by tapping into your subconscious mind, where every experience you’ve ever had is stored. Once you have access to your subconscious, you can release any anxieties, limiting beliefs or past traumas and give your subconscious mind new responses that will get your mind working for you instead of against you.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for sexual dysfunction

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