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Make "dieting" a thing of the past.

There is a BETTER way to create a slimmer you.

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Conventional dieting methods DON'T work long-term

The WILLPOWER METHOD doesn't work. The willpower method is conscious suppression of what you REALLY want to do subconsciously. This is the method usually employed by weight loss programmes. You are egged on to be more motivated by the group or individual, whatever the case may be. This is what is termed conscious motivation, it usually is difficult - the word STRUGGLE is often associated with it. This is swimming against the tide method. Sooner or later the force of the tide will overpower you, and you cave in to your old food habits. There is only a 5% long-term success rate with this method. The successful ones are usually highly suggestible people .

Why is it difficult to follow a healthy diet?

You have developed automatic subconscious response patterns in the way you relate to food. Those conditioned responses are very powerful. The smell of food, an image of a particular food in your mind, a certain negative (or positive) feeling, being in a certain place, etc. can create a powerful compulsion to eat a particular food. As long as those patterns are in place, you are doomed to uncontrolled eating.

What is the SOLUTION?

There is only one solution to uncontrolled eating, that is subconscious change. Hypnosis is the way to FAST and PROFOUND change. When you change your deepest held thoughts and feelings about food, healthy eating becomes natural and normal for you. You will develop subconscious motivation which is permanent, just like naturally slim people - that is how they follow a healthy eating pattern throughout their lives .

The Programme

FREE Assessment Consultation (15-30 minutes). CALL NOW

Firstly, I assess your problem with weight and make recommendations about the best course of action. I will explain how the process and hypnosis works and answer any questions you may have. If you think that it is for you and you decide to proceed, we can continue with your initial session. There is no obligation to proceed with the programme if you think it isn't for you or should you wish to reflect further.


ONE initial session is required and a follow-up. Sessions are one hour in duration.

   Success Stories

"When I visited you for the Weight Loss I have to say that I was pessimistic. My attitude at the time was why not give it a try, I have tried everything else.

The Hypnoslim programme has totally changed the way I think, feel and behave towards food. I have lost what I call that "pull" food used to have. When I feel hungry I eat, healthy food, otherwise I don't even think about food. What a change! You and the programme were a God send for me. Thanks".

Caroline Kelly, Lost 5 stone.

"I used to eat when I was bored, sad, stressed, angry, even when I was happy. Every emotion seemed to trigger a desire to eat. That has all changed thanks to hypnosis. I have managed to break the link between emotions and food. I am at my target weight for the past 3 years".

Nuala Rodgers, Lost 3 stone

"I was addicted to junk food. This has all changed, I have no interest in it anymore, and no craving for it. I would definitely recommend the programme. It has changed my life"

John Burke, Lost 4 stone

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.